By: Ryan Jenkins & Imran Chaudhry
To keep our readers up to date on the latest news, we’ve rounded up this weeks’ top gaming articles (listed below), for your viewing pleasure. These include the latest releases, downloadable content on existing games and recent developments on long awaited titles.
This week sees Mass Effect put on ice, GTA 6 gossip and some tantalising deals!

1. Mass Effect Hiatus

According to Kotaku many sources have stated that EA are putting the main studio, Bioware Montreal, back onto support studio level after the haphazard release that was Mass Effect Andromeda. Bioware Montreal was tasked with Mass Effect Andromeda hoping for it to be its first big breakout game, but it seems due to all the controversy around animation issues and other bugs, as well as a lacklustre story line, EA have decided to demote the studio back down to its original support role.
This however may not mean the end of Mass Effect, and I’m sure we will see more work done on Andromeda and new installments to the series from Bioware and EA in the future.

2. Prey Problems

Bethesda has released a patch v1.2 on steam for many bugs that have been found in the first week of release for the highly anticipated game, Prey. The patch notes include fixes to prevent crashes on map loads and fixing corrupt save files. Read the full list of patch notes here, which will also be coming the console version of the game sometime next week.
Prey_Phantoms_QC16 (1)

3. GTA 6

According to TechRadar the sixth instalment of the Grand Theft Auto is already in pre development, though a location has yet to be confirmed by the studio. With Red Dead Redemption 2 just around the corner, Rockstar Games are pouring their efforts into the completion of this title, as well as ongoing DLC for GTA 5, before drawing their full attention to the next game. It looks like it could be a good few years before we see GTA 6, with some rumours suggesting a 2020+ release data.

4. Xbox Pass Subscription

The new Xbox Pass Subscription service is due to be released this June  according to T-Mobile. The service was initially announced a few months ago with the promise of a spring release; now that their deadline is drawing near, this has forced Microsoft’s hand, with them releasing the new pass to fall inline with E3 next month. The service will emulate the existing PlayStation Now service, with the distinction of being able to download the content covered by the subscription. The list will also include backwards compatible titles, which will be available to the console owner at only £7.99 a month.
Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 18.43.13

5. Kingdom Hearts III at E3

It looks like we can finally expect to here from from Square Enix regarding their next instalment of the Kingdom Hearts series, with Christian Post confirming that the studio will reveal more about the upcoming project next month at E3. According to an inside source, Jose Alamo ‘If they can’t finish something when they hit the deadline, it’ll be cut. There is no rush when you delay a game twice.’ With well over a decade since KH3’s announcement, this indicates that a portion of the game may be cut; perhaps this content could be present in future DLC. We are still likely to see a 2018 release for this title; looks like we’ll know more next month.
Kingdom Hearts 3

6. Project Scorpio

The yet to be released high spec console was announced last year at E3; unfortunately, as of yet there is little awareness about it in the general public or even among many gamers. As clarified by Nielsen’s annual Games 360 report where they conduct extensive research into how Americans feel about—and consume gaming, only about 14% of their 2000 surveyed gamers above the age of 13 have heard about the new hardware. Both Sony and Microsoft are taking a big gamble on their mid-cycle highly advanced console projects. While the PS4 Pro has received a positive response from consumers, Scorpio is yet to hit the store shelves. Only time will tell regarding the success of Project Scorpio, though we’ll know more next month.

7. GAME Heavily Discount Steam Link & Controller

Both the Steam link and controller have been massively discounted at GAME, so grab yours before the deal ends!
Steam Link – £15.99
Steam Controller – £27.99

8. DOOM Steam Sale

Steam sales are many and often, which is why it is important to check the store on an almost daily basis to catch those really great deals.
Once again DOOM is on sale on steam, a full 67% off bringing the game down to a decent £13.19, which for a critically acclaimed year old game is pretty impressive, so go grab it now if you love fast pace demon killing gore!
Keep a look every Friday for our ‘8-Bits of News’ articles, so that you don’t miss out on the week’s latest news. We would love to hear from you, so if you have any thoughts on these stories or would like us to tackle a game or film related topic that you find interesting, head on over to twitter and tweet us @JenChauMedia.


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