By: Imran Chaudhry
After announcing Pokémon Direct, Pokémon fans across the globe were excited to see what new games the franchise would bring to our beloved Nintendo consoles, especially with the release of the Nintendo Switch earlier this year; were we to see the main games transfer over to the new console? Disappointingly, no.
With the release of the new console many Pokémon fanatics were eager to see the main Pokémon games transfer across from the 3DS family of handheld consoles to the new and improved handheld/ home console, with updated graphics and a refreshing new take on the franchise. However, it seems The Pokémon Company, Gamefreak and Nintendo have not decided to do this (or listen to it’s fan base as per usual) and are keeping the newest release to the 3DS family of consoles. This is no surprise after the announcement of the new 2DS XL console which seems like a last ditch effort to milk the 3DS family line of handheld consoles before moving over to the Switch, however it is still disappointing that we will not be able to play the classic Pokémon turn based RPG game on our expensive and flashy new consoles.
Nintendo 2DSXL console image
Not to fret, there is still going to be a new Pokémon game coming out this year. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have been announced, featuring rehashed versions of the incredible Pokémon  Sun and Moon games with alternate stories and new Pokémon. Unfortunately, not many people wanted this, at all. Fans were ecstatic to hear about the Pokémon Direct, and a fan favourite theory was that Nintendo would announce remakes of the popular 2007 Pokémon Pearl and Diamond releases. However, this did not come to fruition, with the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon announcement landing with a heavy sigh and introducing questionable new versions of the games legendary Pokémon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon promotion image

Despite this, there has been a Pokémon game announced for the Nintendo Switch that I as well as many other fans are excited about, Pokkén Tournament DX. Nintendo seem to have fallen into a habit of releasing deluxe versions of Wii U games for the Switch, which whilst showing a lack of original content for the Switch, allows those who did not buy into the Wii U to experience the lacklustre consoles impressive library in a remastered form. Pokkén Tournament DX adds five new Pokémon characters you can battle with your friends, including one from the latest generation of Pokémon. Taking advantage of the Switch’s multiplayer element, Pokkén Tournament DX allows for a massively social multiplayer battle with one or two consoles.
One last, and probably the best announcement, is that Pokémon Gold and Silver are returning to the 3DS family of consoles. Nintendo successfully added the original Pokémon games to the newest generation of handheld consoles a few years ago, so seeing more classic fan favourites added to the consoles is nothing but good news.
Watch Pokémon Direct below, and be sure to tweet us your thoughts on the presentation @JenChauMedia.

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