By: Ryan Jenkins & Imran Chaudhry
In this weeks 8-bit article we tackle some E3 leaks and rumours, the latest limited time sales and upcoming Nintendo projects that are currently in development.

1. Microsoft Trademark Potential Scorpio Logo

In the build up to the E3 weekend many surprising things were bound to happen, from leaks to unexpected announcements. However Microsoft have gone and trademarked an ‘S’ logo (shown below) which many people are expecting to be the new Project Scorpio logo, days before its announcement and reveal at E3.
Microsoft Scorpio Trademark
Another interesting trademark is ‘Direct Reality’ which is described as “computer software for holographic applications”. According to Techradar this could indeed be tied in with the Project Scorpio release and could potentially add a whole new angle to the consoles gaming capabilities.

2. Days of Play PlayStation Sale

Sony’s first ever Days of Play sale has landed, with huge discounts across all things PlayStation! ‘Christmas has come early’ is the slogan for this incredible sale tied into the E3 hype, and will be going from 9th – 21st June.
You can save big on PS4 consoles, many PS4 exclusive games and even PlayStation Plus passes.

3. Overwatch Double XP Weekend

Blizzard have done it again, spoiling us with a double XP weekend running from 8th -12th June. Gaining double the normal amount of XP will be available across all platforms and all sources of in-game XP, including:
  • Time spent in a match
  • Completing a match
  • Completing consecutive matches
  • Winning a match
  • Backfilling a match in progress
  • Earning medals
So what are you waiting for? It’s still the anniversary event and we all want those legendary skins which disappear after Monday 12th June! Jump on during and/or between the E3 presentations this weekend to have a truly rewarding gaming experience.

4. Playdead Weekend Steam Sale

Playdead really took creepy platformer’s to the next level with the critically acclaimed game LIMBO, and then again with INSIDE last year. Well now, if you missed out on one or both of these incredible games, Steam is having a weekend sale on both titles!
Inside and Limbo Steam Promotional Image
You can grab LIMBO alone for just £1.39 (80% off), INSIDE for £8.99 (40% off) and the bundle for both games for just £9.34!

5. Nintendo Theme Park On Its Way

Great news for Nintendo fans; looks like Universal Studios Japan are building a Nintendo theme park based on the cult classic Super Mario series. The trailer below is meant to give viewers an indication of the layout and a few of the main attractions, including Princess Peach’s and Bowser’s castle.
Confirmation regarding the development of this project was given back in December through Nintendo’s direct twitter account. According to Nintendo, the Super Mario theme parks are set to have locations in Hollywood, Orlando and Osaka, just in time for the 2020 Olympics. With the console giant stating that ‘You will enter an entire realm filled with iconic Nintendo excitement, gameplay, heroes and villains’ and ‘All of the adventure, fun and whimsy you experience through a screen will now be all around you – in breathtakingly authentic ways.

6. Square Enix game to be announced at E3 2017

The full panel schedule for E3 2017’s Coliseum event is now accessible online, which includes an attendance from Square Enix. The great news is that the schedule confirms not only that Square Enix will announce a brand new title, but that they will also provide viewers will a 45 minute demo. The studio has recently announced that they are in collaboration with game developer People Can Fly to make a AAA title. It’s likely that this is the game in question, though perhaps they may also disclose what progress they’ve made on their third Kingdom Hearts title or Final Fantasy VII Remake, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

7. Assassin’s Creed: Origins Season Pass Leaked

A bunch of Assassin’s Creed related rumours have difinitevely been confirm as a leaked image of game’s season pass surfaces online.
Leaked Assassin's Creed Origins Season Pass
Based on the contents of the image, this lends support to AC rumours that have circulated the web for the last several months. The snapshot, courtesy of Reddit, discloses some confidential details for the DLC and Gold Edition package. We’ll have to be patient a little longer to get more information directly from Ubisoft regarding the validity of this leak.

8. Death Stranding Not At E3

Sadly, we won’t be seeing Death Stranding at E3 this year, as confirmed by lead developer Hideo Kojima in a direct tweet to his fans.
Hideo Kojima Tweet
Luckily, Kojima will be in attendance at the E3, along with Geoff Keighley; given that the project is currently deep in the development stage, this news doesn’t come as much of a shock. Last year, Kojima disclosed that he had partnered with Guerilla Games to build Death Stranding using the Decima Engine, the hardware responsible for the visual masterpiece Horizon: Zero Dawn. This was evident in last year’s Death Stranding cinematic teasers, though is appears that the studio was incorporating the engine’s lighting capabilities in a different manner to Horizon. We won’t know until next week at what capacity Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighley will contribute to the event; likely it will be as a guest panel, answering question regarding what progress has currently been made and what we can expect from this new game.
That covers some of the top stories for this week; we’ll know a lot more within a weeks time, with the biggest gaming event of the year just around the corner. Make sure to check back with us at JenChau to stay up to date on the latest news in the gaming industry. Tweets us your thoughts on the topics we’ve discussed @JenChauMedia.


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