By: Imran Chaudhry
In an interesting turn of events, PlayStation VR (PS VR) is getting its first 20-minute short film this week, and hopefully the first of many. In a PlayStation blog post by Alyssia Frankland, the marketing director at Breaking Fourth, Ctrl is ‘aimed at any PS VR fans who are hungry for deep and dark stories’ which I can confirm is most of us. The blog post itself is titled ‘dive into darkly twisted eSport’ which piqued my interest with a dark story surrounding the (fictional) world of an eSport where you experience Liam’s ‘fast-paced strategy game first-hand’.
VR women called Ctrl ‘Hunger games meets Black Mirror meets Tron’ with VRFocus stating that Ctrl is ‘the benchmark for theatrical VR’ and UploadVR chiming in with the fact that ‘VR Storytelling is finally growing up’.
Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 23.12.38
Already available on GearVR at £1.49/$1.99, it is suspected that the price will remain the same or be close to this for the PS VR release of the short film on June 23rd. Ctrl has been shown at Toronto International Film Festival VR Showcase and Raindance Film Festival, where is has gained positive reviews for its innovative use of VR for storytelling.
With this exciting development in not only PS VR but the future or VR storytelling itself, watch the trailer below:
In addition to this, the Sony E3 press conference just passed was particularly good for the PS VR headset, with a massive line up of new games being announced as well as Skyrim coming to PS VR. The adorable looking game Moss to the immersive sci-fi Star Child, a whole plethora of new games across several genres are coming to the PS VR. One of the funniest, and probably biggest disappointments coming to PS VR is the Final Fantasy XV fishing game, which is pretty much a fishing simulator skinned with Final Fantasy XV. None the less, this is a great line up for the PS VR, keeping what seems to be a questionable piece of hardware in the spotlight.
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