By: Ryan Jenkins & Imran Chaudhry
Our subjects this week tackle the latest beta development, gaming events and exciting news on upcoming titles.

1. Preloads For Destiny Beta 2 Now Available

Preloads for the beta of Destiny 2 were made available yesterday for the Xbox One and Playstation 4. The official release of the beta is set for the 18th July (for those who have pre-ordered the game), which will end on the 23rd July.
You will only be able to preload the game if you have access to the beta key, which you can obtain in one of two ways:
  • Pre-ordering the game
  • Receiving the code from a third party (e.g a gaming publication)
Early access to the closed beta will first be given to PS4 owners, with access for Xbox owners given the day after; lastly, an open beta will be accessible on the 21st, with the event set to end 35 hours later.
During the event, you will be able to play the same content that Bungie demonstrated during the E3 conference, which includes the campaigns opening mission, titled ‘homecoming’, a strike called The Inverted Spire, and two Crucible game types, called Countdown and Control.
The console version of the game will be released on September 6th, followed by the PC version on October 24th.

2. Good News Horizon: Zero Dawn Fans

Guerrilla Games have won the must deserved ‘Studio of the Year’ and ‘Animation Award’ accolades during the Develop Awards 2017. As you can imagine, this was for their marvellous work on their latest title Horizon: Zero Dawn.
Horizon Zero Dawn
This year’s award show hosted a series of additional categories, among which an array of games participated. The most noteworthy was Guerilla Games for their innovative IP Horizon; according to an interview Sony President Shawn Layden had with Glixel, as of June the game is said to have sold 3.4 million units since its initial release back in February.

3. Head On Over To The Battlefront This Weekend

EA have stated on their website that you can ‘earn twice the experience playing on all your favourite modes and maps, from Walker Assault battles on Hoth to Fighter Squadron attacks over Sullust’, having confirmed that the event will run from 13th – 16th July, ending at 9:00am UTC.
In other Battlefront news, more information has been disclosed regarding the sequel’s beta release Battlefront II, with the starting date set for the 6th October running to the 9th. If you have preordered the game however, you’ll be able to play the beta even earlier.
The beta will include a 40 player battle arena, with Naboo set as its map (the same map demonstrated at E3); additionally, you will also have the opportunity to have a first go at the Starfighter Assault mode.
The full game is set to launch a month later on November 17th, so get your blasters at the ready.

4. Kingdom Hearts III To Preview At D23 Expo

Tomorrow, Square Enix will partner up with Disney to showcase Kingdom Hearts III during the D23 Expo.
Kingdom Hearts 3
The latest instalment of the KH series was initially announced back in 2013 during an E3 conference, however we still have no clear definitive news regarding its release date.
An investor document leaked back in February suggests that the game will not be release in 2017; likely set for 2018, or knowing them, beyond our lifetime.
One piece of good news however is that according to the official D23 website, the game will be live streamed during the event held this weekend, which will take place on July 15th.
Live streamed via Twitch and Facebook, Disney has confirmed that the event is called ‘Level Up!, which will also include other Disney titles like Battlefront II and Spider-Man. Hints have been given that we can expect some special news for Kingdom Hearts; hopefully this will shed some light on many of the outstanding questions.
The game is currently in development for both Xbox One and Playstation 4.

5. What Remains of Edith Finch Coming To Xbox One

Annapurna Interactive, the publishers behind first person narrative driven game What Remains of Edith Finch have announced that it will be coming to the Xbox One console.
This creative linear game follows a young woman investigating different members of her family through a series of various stories. Each character is interesting and diverse in imaginative ways that we don’t want to spoil. This creativity couples with a fascinating tale will mean that this title should go at the top of your Xbox wish list upon release, which is set for the 19th July. Although the UK retail price has yet to be confirmed, it’s expected to be around £15.99; take a look at the trailer to get your heart pumping:

6. Metal Gear Solid Franchise Turned 30 This Week

30 years ago, on July 13th 1987, a new stealth action game came out. Published by Konami and created by the now beloved Hideo Kojima, unbeknown to them it would go on to become one of the most successful and beloved franchises in gaming.
Being known for his very out of the box creativity and design, Kojima always pushed these games to be as interesting and different as possible, and considering many people believe he was held back at Konami after his particularly ugly exit from the company, we’re all more than excited for his future endeavours. Despite the violent history Kojima has with Konami, fans celebrated Kojima by tweeting fan art and gifs of Metal Gear Solid games to him, some of which he retweeted.
Metal Gear Survive, the first major release in the franchise since Kojima’s exit is due to be released next year. It has very little tie in with the story of Metal Gear Solid, it’s main selling point, and considering Kojima hasn’t worked on it, we don’t care too much for the title.

7. For Honor Creative Director Jason VandenBerghe Leaves Ubisoft

After an outstanding nine years of service to Ubisoft Montreal, Jason VandenBerghe has announced his departure from the studio to become the Director of Design at ArenaNet, a studio known for Guild Wars among other games. VandenBerghe is probably best known currently for his role as Creative Director for the epic sword-slinging PvP game For Honor.
In a post on FaceBook, Jason VandenBerghe announces his departure by saying “The story is long and complicated. The short version is that I went out there on a lark–and then fell head-over-heels in love. Isaiah did an amazing job of setting the table… but it was all the people that I met there that sealed the deal.”
He goes on to say “It’s a big step. I won’t be making games directly any more – I’ll be studio level, shepherding teams and growing people. I’m… sort of thrilled about how difficult that sounds. It’s exactly what I want to be doing right now.”
We are happy for VandenBerghe and hope this new change in his career brings him much joy and incredible creative ventures.

8. Insomniac’s Spider-Man May Feature a Large Cast of Dynamic Villains

According to WCCFTech, the Creative Director at Insomniac Games Brayn Intihar, was interviewed in the August #138 issue of PlayStation Magazine UK stating “One of the reasons we chose the Inner Demons is because they have the negative energy weapons that require the player to mix up the strategies they use. We want to find villains that force Spider-Man and the player to mix up how they play: really push and pull them as much as possible.”
Spider-Man Game Footage
This suggests that on top of introducing lesser known villains to the Spider-Man game, such as Inner Demons from the E3 demo, villains will provide a dynamic approach to tackling each one, removing repetitive gameplay and challenging the player to think on their feet when web-slinging across the city.
That wraps it up this week, are you exited for any of the beta’s coming this month? Tweet your thoughts @JenChauMedia.

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