By: Ryan Jenkins
In this article, we discuss the most recent wave of rumours circulating the website regarding Ben Affleck’s involvement within the DC franchise.
A lot of news has circulated over the web regarding the future of the DC universe and what plot points will be derived from the comics. On the 21st July, an article (courtesy of Hollywood Reporter) cited a source claiming that Warner Bros. is angling to ‘usher out Affleck’s Batman – gracefully.”
The article speculated that there were multiple methods in which Batman could be written out of the DC Extended Universe; for example, we could see an elderly Bruce Wayne mentoring a younger protege, similar to the ‘Batman Beyond’ iteration, or we could see the role of Batman being shared by Bruce and former sidekick Dick Grayson. We could even see his replacement take up the mantle when he is presumed dead; Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ briefly explores this concept, when John Blake (aka Robin) is seen exploring the Batcave after the departure of Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne.
Ben Affleck at San Diego Comic Con
Luckily however, it doesn’t look like we’ve seen the last of Ben Affleck’s Batman just yet, as he himself addressed these rumours during the Justice League panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. During the discussion, moderator Chris Hardwick brought up this rumour; Affleck quickly interjected with his response before Chris could even finish his question.
“Let me be very clear: I am the luckiest guy in the world. Batman is the coolest part in any universe – DC, Marvel. It’s incredible. I’m so thrilled to do it. I know there was a misconception because I didn’t direct it that I wasn’t enthusiastic about it: It’s f***ing amazing. And I still can’t believe I’ve done two films and have this great history with this studio.”
Film studio chief Toby Emmerich also attempted to defend Affleck against these rumours, saying that “Ben is our Batman. We love him as Batman. We want to keep him in the cowl as long as we can.”
Affleck was initially set to direct The Batman, though stepped down in January. As to his reason why, he told reporters that it “became clear that I cannot do both jobs to the level they require”. Matt Reeves, director of ‘War of the Planet of the Apes’ is said to replace Affleck as director, noting his intention to keep Affleck in the role. However, Reeves is said to have abandoned the script Affleck had written in collaboration with Geoff Johns.
In response to Reeve replacing him as director, Ben remarked “I would be an ape on the ground for Matt Reeves, never mind being Batman! I’m really blown away and excited. It’s a great time in the DC universe.”
Just before the conference panel concluded, the Justice League team unveiled their latest trailer, with Ben reiterating his previous point, telling the crowd “I think you’ll see why I’m so excited for Batman.”
Whether Ben’s comments will alleviate the concerns of die hard DC fans has yet to be seen.
Are you excited for the Justice League? Do you think Ben Affleck makes a good Batman or do you prefer Christian Bail’s adaptation? Tell us your thoughts on our twitter page @JenChauMedia.

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