By: Imran Chaudhry
Remember back when the image for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle leaked and everyone thought it was an elaborate joke? Well this game has to be the biggest turn around in recent gaming history, going from a laughable leak to one of the most anticipated Nintendo Switch games of the year.




Not only did the main promotional image leak, but so did what seemed to be marketing plans according to Kotaku, with them talking about there being a ‘surprise announcement’ (awkward…) and other marketing strategies. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, creative director Davide Soliani stated “We were aiming to do a big surprise at E3, and unluckily that was not the case. Of course, it was quite a bad backlash for the entire team. Discouraging. Quite hard on the team morale”.



Although discouraging, personally I think the leak massively aided the game, acting as an unintentional buffer pre-E3. The bizarre mix of Ubisoft’s rabbids and Nintendo’s Mario seemed absurd when first consumed by the public, with lots of very confused tweets and articles prompted by the leak. However, this gave gamers time to digest the union of rabbids and Mario, allowing for the E3 announcement to come as a fun surprise with a very good gameplay trailer and even Miyamoto appearing on stage. Miyamoto promoting the game aided Ubisoft massively, with him explaining how he wanted the team to making a Mario crossover game where Mario doesn’t jump, to create something new. Miyamoto’s endorsement during the official announcement helped excite sceptical Nintendo and Ubisoft fans alike. Since E3, more and more of the game has been announced with increasing hype surrounding the game.
With many major media outlets having previewed the game, all that is coming out of this game is positive reviews, even the ones which are still bewildered by the crossover. TIME stated that the game “is as strange as it is fascinating” and Rolling Stone’s Brian Crecente saying “after playing an hour or two of Kingdom Battle, is a game that masks its relatively hardcore tactical gameplay under splashy, delightful graphics, character animation and silly computer-driven behavior.”




Those attending Gamecom 2017 will be able to get a hand’s on experience with the game before it’s official release on 29th August. Watch the newest character spotlight trailer for Mario below.


Mario has a gun, Peach has a shotgun and Luigi has a sniper. Not excited for this game yet? You should be. Make sure to discuss what you think about this game over at our twitter, @JenChauMedia.


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