By: Imran Chaudhry

Polygon wrote a very lengthy piece on Microsoft ever growing problem, game exclusivity, a few days ago and one very interesting piece of taken from this article is the potential acquisition rumours floating around the world of Xbox One.

It stated that the most recent acquisition rumours they heard ‘from a reliable source close to Microsoft’ was Electronic Arts. Now, this is all rumour and conjecture, but this seems extremely unlikely. If Microsoft were to purchase EA, the publisher would lose a lot of income from their Sony sales, assuming that the buyout would be for reasons of exclusivity. In a Forbes article Paul Tassi asked analyst Michael Pachter about reasons why Microsoft would not be acquiring EA, stating “The reason Microsoft would have trouble buying a publisher is that the publishers make more money on the PlayStation platform than on the Microsoft platform,”. All in all, EA is a multiplatform publisher and would lose out big time if they were to be acquired by Microsoft and this would probably enrage fans across the globe.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Another important point to note would be that a lot of EA’s games are licensed, Disney owns the Star Wars franchise and other examples would be NFL with Madden and FIFA. I’m pretty sure these giant companies wouldn’t be too pleased about losing so much revenue from Sony and other sales due to an exclusivity buyout by Microsoft.

Other rumours from the Polygon article  state that there are also whispers about Valve and PUBG Corp. being acquired by Microsoft. Now these seem like much more sensible buyouts, however this is all conjecture, and nothing is set in stone.

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