By: Imran Chaudhry

This new year has started off a little quieter than 2017, marking a few first anniversaries for the Switch, Zelda, Horizon and so on. However, that’s not to say Q1 of 2018 is lacklustre. A few gems have already been released such as Monster Hunter World and the Shadow of the Colossus remaster, but Q1 into Q2 is really sending 2018 into overdrive in the next few weeks. So, let’s get to the point, here’s a list of some of the most anticipated games coming out this half of the year.

A Way Out

March 23rd


One of the most anticipated co-op games coming out this year has to be A Way Out, in which you and a friend have to traverse a split screen story working together to escape prison and go on an adventure. The two playable characters, Leo and Vincent, start off not knowing each other but must learn to trust one another and work together if they want to escape. As the story progresses you learn more about the pair, who they love and their unique personalities.

We’re particularly excited for this game as it is reviving the classic split screen couch co-op that has died out with the rise of games such as Destiny and other online co-op games. As much as I love these games, I miss the days where you had a campaign you could dive head first into either solo or with a friend sat beside you. The game Resistance has to be one of my personal favourite examples, where you can play the main campaign either solo or co-op allowing you to share the story experience.

Another reason this game has us so excited is because it comes from the director of the classic game Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons which could be played co-op or solo. The only major hump this game may hit is the fact that it is essential to play co-op, as you need one person controlling Leo and the other controlling Vincent. Whether this will hinder the game, only time will tell.

Far Cry 5

March 27th


Politically driven? Possibly. The controversial new instalment in the Far Cry series, Far Cry 5 comes out this March and honestly looks like a tractor full of fun. Set in Hope County, Montana a doomsday cult ‘The Project at Eden’s Gate’ have taken over and are on a mission to save your soul from collapse, voluntarily or not.

Taking the situation into your own hands, you can solo or cooperatively play the story in an effort to save Hope County from Joseph Seed and his cultists. As expected with a Far Cry release, there are many ways to approach missions with varying weapons, vehicles, fangs for hire and guns for hire. Additionally, the game’s dynamic AI allow for an increasing challenge if you decide to hit the enemy hard. If all that wasn’t enough, Far Cry Arcade allows for an experience with infinite possibilities, from 6v6 PvP to cooperative fun.


March 30th


This rather horrifying and grotesque game doesn’t hold much back, with extreme hellish gore and some highly sexualised monsters, this isn’t a game for the faint of heart. Having supposed to of released last year, we’re particularly looking forward to this game for it’s interesting story. You play as a tormented soul traversing the depths of hell with no memories and a drive to escape. Being able to possess certain demons, you have to survive the hostile environment of hell whilst you find a way to escape.

The beautiful visuals along with a promise of a deep and interesting story gives us high hopes for this Kickstarter game, so let’s hope it delivers.

God of War

April 20th


God of War is back, and in a sense, is getting a series reboot. Set after the events of the last set of games where Kratos got his vengeance against the Gods of Olympus, he now has to learn to traverse the Norse lands, gods and monsters, with his son Atreus.

With a combat system that looks to be one of the best this year, God of War throws you into a fast paced third person action adventure story, diving deep into Norse mythology with an emphasis on gods and monsters. From what we’ve seen, the game reminds us of Horizon Zero Dawn with elements of Hellbalde: Senua’s Sacrifice. Now, if that doesn’t have you excited, nothing will.

Detroit: Become Human

May 25th


From the creators of Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, Detroit: Become Human promises to be the next big butterfly effect styled game since Until Dawn. Set in the near future, Detroit has seen technological advancements on an extreme scale with the use of service humanoid androids becoming the norm in the city. However, these androids may be more human than the humans themselves.

Taking on the role of an android you make choices that affect not just you but the entire city surrounding you, with difficult choices and quick action choices, you have control over where the story will take you.

Now we are huge fans of this type of game, with Beyond Two Souls and Until Dawn being some of our favourites, and with a veteran developer at the helm of this game, we’re hoping for a compelling and highly re-playable story.


June 5th


Vampyr sees you as a Dr. Jonathan Reid, a newly turned Vampyr in London 1918. The city is ravaged with flu and as a doctor, you are bound by oath to find a cure, but as a Vampyr, you must feed on those you try to help. With this dilemma you must choose who lives and dies, fight off Vampyr hunters and supernatural monsters all whilst the fate of the city lies in your hands.

Now if that hasn’t sold you on this game, it’s probably not for you. This bizarre concept has us really excited to delve into the world of Vampyr and discover what this game has to offer. With the released date off June 5th, I’m hoping this game is not pushed back any further as the original release was set for November last year.

Days Gone

June 26th


Days Gone is a new action-adventure survival horror game looking to bring a new twist to the zombie subgenre. You play as Deacon St. John, an outlaw biker traversing a world devastated by a zombie pandemic. In this huge, dynamic open world horror game you survive, save your people and defend your camp.

In a previous article ‘Days Gone Will Have You Coming Back For More’ we talked about the widely dynamic game provides huge re-playability value.

What other games are you excited for this Q1 and Q2? Tweet us @JenChauMedia with your most anticipated games.

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