By: Imran Chaudhry

Set in the Pacific Northwest Days Gone provides a unique open world to traverse in what many see as an oversaturated genre. But what is Days Gone? Do we have a survival horror game? Is it narrative driven and how does this fit with a vastly open world? In this article we will go over what we know so far, how we feel about this game and how excited we are to play this title.

This month Game Informer have a tonne of exclusive content about the game, slated to come out in early 2019, and you can find their Days Gone Hub here.


Previously we have covered this game in an article on how this game will have you coming back for more. Here we talked about how the weather and time dynamic systems can effect everything in the game from ambushes, number of Freakers and enemy hostility. Taking such an emphasis on the effect of weather and time, the game really focuses on maintaining a realism to the world that lives and breathes like a real ecosystem. In the two interview gameplay video’s put out by Game Informer (which you can watch above and below), John Garvin the games writer and creative director talks about how he wanted to create a living dynamic ecosystem. This means everything from the weather to random road blocks can affect how you traverse the world and take on missions.

Additionally, this game tries to rid all elements of fantasy. No dragons or magic are found here, John Garvin made sure of this as stated in the Game Informer developer interview shown below. One of the best examples of this are the Newts. Freakers are adults who were infected by the disease that brought on the apocalypse, they’re fast, aggressive and pretty terrifying. Newts, on the other hand are adolescents that were infected. That’s right, this game has child zombies. We already knew this game was gritty from the gameplay we have seen in previous E3 showcases but this takes the game into a whole other realm of darkness. In all honesty, why we never really see child zombies in a scary way in games is probably because it is just that, too scary and too creepy. However, Newts in Days Gone add the perfect chill to an overdone genre. They even react differently to Deacon, the main character usually scurrying away to a rooftop.



Deacon St John is the main character of this game who you play in third person surviving the world and having a sometimes too intimate relationship with your motorbike. By your side for what seems to be at least for the first hour is Boozer, your friend and co-bounty hunter. Deacon seems to be a very disturbed individual, who can go overboard in the killing of both Freakers and people. Over the course of the game we will learn why he is a dark, cold individual through story and gameplay. All we know about him so far, is that he’s a drifter, bounty hunter and hates the ‘safe’ encampments around the devastated Northwest (which is a literal description from the developers own website!). Want to know the most exciting thing we know about Deacon so far? He’s played by Sam Witwer, a gamer at heart and an amazing actor too. Everyone who has played The Force Unleashed games will know this to be true.

Days Gone

Crafting is a very important part of this game. You need to craft to survive, which means you need to find resources to survive. Vehicles and houses will usually hide resources you need but they are not plentiful. One major plus side is that 99% of the houses/buildings in the game you can enter, which makes a change to the many games populated by impenetrable buildings. The vehicles you find are varied as well, with police cars having more ammo in them to emergency service vehicles with better health resources.

Days Gone

This game has a lot more going for it, from cults who wish to be taken to heaven to Freaker nests you can destroy. One thing we know for certain, this game will be hard, very hard. The developers have stated there is no difficulty setting, the game isn’t easy, and you just have to deal with that. Again, it harkens to the desire to keep the game realistic and grounded in what could be the true zombie apocalypse. With what we know so far, this game provides a new experience fresh in the horror and RPG genre with great writing and a story worth telling. We are definitely excited.

Just to highlight how crazy this game can get, watch the video below from Game Informer:




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