Video Transcript:

Hey guys this is Imran from JenChau here today to look at the hottest new game trailer in the gaming world, Atomic Heart.

Seemingly coming out of nowhere developer Munfish have dropped a trailer for their new big 2018 title, Atomic Heart. So, what is Atomic Heart about? You’ll play as agent P-3 who is trying to find out what went wrong on enterprise 3826, set in an alternate universe during the high noon of the Soviet Union. Sold yet? Being a first-person shooter the game is drawing similarities to the Bioshock titles and Fallout 4, but with a much more vibrant and mind bending world.

On Steam the game is described as a ‘Soviet setting with a pitch of insanity, action-packed gameplay and a thrilling story’ where you need to ‘unfold the secrets, restore peace, and show the Mortherland what you got!’

On the developer’s website there are currently three small articles hinting at the story of the game, including ‘Two Loving Hearts‘ posted on 3rd March 2018, where ‘even the toughest times can’t stop the two loving hearts from embracing each other’. This goes on to state ‘explore the world of Atomic Heart to learn more about the love story between the two of employees of the facility #3826’.

Their next post, also posted 3rd March 2018, ‘Horrors of the Facility No.3826’ talks about ‘mind-boggling, horrible tales of the dead rising back up and walking among the living’, a result of an experiment by a character called Dr. Stickhausen.

Their latest post before the trailer, posted 13th March 2018, ‘Revolt of the machines’ talks about the machine uprising, killing anything that doesn’t consist of nuts and bolts.

I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited for this game, and hope to seem more footage of it in the following months. Stay tuned to for the latest gaming news, reviews and deep dive into the industry.

Watch the official trailer here and tweet us your thoughts @JenChauMedia.

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