By: Imran Chaudhry

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has to be one of the best surprise hits last year, with its whacky Ubisoft staple Rabbids and Nintendo’s beloved Mario gang, nobody expected this game to really hit home or even work for that matter. However, despite the leak that occurred pre-2017 E3 revealing a lot of promotional images of the game, the scepticism soon faded. A turn-based game where Mario cannot jump and has weapons fighting minion-like rabbits sounded ridiculous, and it was exactly that. The game is so silly and imaginative that it transcends the bizarre combination of IPs and play-styles to be a fun adventure you cannot put down. In a previous article we go over why we thought Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was the unnecessary game we so desperately needed.

Back in June, a new single player DLC was announced, bringing Donkey Kong into the Mario + Rabbids family. Watch the trailer introducing Donkey Kong below.

So, Donkey Kong has a boomerang banana, but what does this DLC entail? Yesterday two new gameplay trailers were released showing a lot more of the Donkey Kong DLC and how it fits into the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Universe.

The trailer shows Rabbid Peach and Beep-O falling from the sky into a tropical land, where a new journey and new enemies await them. Donkey Kong arrives to save the day as he appears in a very scene stealing way (do you blame him?). This new island has four new environments which consist of varied beach/coastal and jungle locations, adding a very vibrant and different world to the game.

Additionally to Donkey Kong, there is a moody new Rabbid hero, Rabbid Cranky. An old rabbid with a beard, walking cane and foul mood. With this new ensemble you need to find new ways to play in order to defeat the enemies and bosses that plague the new island. New weapons and moves include Donkey Kong’s banana boomerang and his ability to carry his ally Rabbid Cranky across the playable area. Take your team of mismatched IP’s to defeat the vengeful Rabbid Kong and save the island.

In the second new trailer for the DLC Xavier Manzanares talks about how they wanted to bring Donkey Kong to life, true to who Donkey Kong is. This means a lot of movement and close combat elements which were few and far between in the main game. An example of this is the grab and throw, where you can grab and throw enemies and covers anywhere on the map. The covers with special attributes (Bounce, Honey, e.t.c.) turn into what you could consider grenades when Donkey Kong picks them up and hurls them at enemies.

Rabbid Cranky is based off of Cranky Kong, and boy that grumpy old man packs a punch. Using his cane, he has what looks like a crossbow weapon which you can upgrade as the game progresses. Together Rabbid Cranky and Donkey Kong can team up to do variations of team jump, where Rabbid Cranky can fire his weapon mid-air and Donkey Kong can grab Cranky, move, then throw him.

The DLC takes place after you complete the main game but isn’t connected in progression as it’s a new world, and contains up to 10 hours + of new content.

One last pretty important thing we absolutely must address, there are no coins. Of course there aren’t, Mario isn’t in this one and what does Donkey Kong collect? Bananas. Get ready to farm those bananas for better weapons!

With up to 60 new weapons and 10 hours of adventure, are you looking forward to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong Adventure (that’s a mouthful)? Tweet us your thoughts @JenChauMedia.

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