By: Imran Chaudhry

Westworld is really starting to pick up this season with the latest episode ‘Phase Space’ bringing an end to some story arcs and throwing plot twists left right and centre (honestly, what else do you expect from this show?).

This episode is the first time we really see all four of the main characters this season have significant development within their respective storylines. These four; Maeve, Bernard, Dolores and William have had their previous episode-long arcs where, as per Westworld, you are told a very confusing premise to their story for this season. Now however, storylines are beginning to make sense and come together to form a more cohesive (yet still frustratingly confusing) storyline for the season as a whole.

HEAVY Episode 6 spoilers ahead!

So first, let’s go over Maeve’s journey this episode. Maeve’s powers are growing stronger, now with the ability to control hosts with just a look and what seems like mind control. Despite allowing the characters of Shogun World to take their own paths, we knew by then that Maeve could do whatever she wanted with them. Akane and her relationship has been one of my favourite things this season, and I am devastated that Akane left the group to stay in Shogun World, however the way it was written was beautiful and closed her story arc in the best way possible.

Maeve Westworld 2 Episode 6

Maeve has finally found her daughter! It’s only taken six episodes but she’s finally a mother again, well, that’s what she thought would happen. Obviously, if she was reassigned, her daughter would either be reassigned to a different story or she would get a new mother. Why this wasn’t addressed by Lee, who is the head of all narrative decisions within Westworld, is peculiar. Maybe he wanted Maeve’s protection, but then that wouldn’t explain his resentment for every decision Maeve makes. Spoiler alert, Maeve’s daughter has a new mother, and the storyline of being attacked by the Ghost Nation happens all over again. This is where we leave Maeve, and I’m interested in who survives the attack (the new mother) and what happens in the aftermath.

Dolores, you have created a monster. We don’t know yet exactly what she did to Teddy, but what she’s created is Wyatt crossed with Hannibal Lecter. No more is weak, adorable Teddy and now we have a cold-blooded monster with no care for human life. Bit of a sharp change, but I’m curious to see how this affects their relationship together.

William is still a self-centred obsessive who loves to ruin his life and chances at redemption. His daughter is with him, that big revelation two episodes ago was very, very exciting. But he seems to refuse her presence, and even after a beautiful scene of reconnection and family bonding, he goes and abandons her in a world of danger. William, you never fail to disappoint me, and probably Ford too.

Bernard and Elsie Westworld 2 Episode 6

Lastly, Bernard. Elsie is back, and I couldn’t be happier. Her ‘death’ in season one, whilst eventually explained felt cheap and unthoughtful. Being one of my favourite personalities of season one, her ‘death’ really hit a nerve with me. However, now we know she’s back, and she’s pissed. Slightly regaining the trust of Elsie, Bernard and Elsie have banded together again to find out exactly what is going on with Westworld and the homicidal hosts killing everything in sight. Discovering the Cradle is basically improvising for the entire world, the only way to find out why is by going into the hive mind itself. Bernard enters the Cradle and guess who we find in a normal Westworld setting, Anthony Hopkins! I mean Robert Ford. The episode ended here and I’m on the edge of my sofa in anticipation for the rest of the story this season.

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